Expo 2018

OrangeAbility 2018: Accessible Athletics Expo
Saturday, February 17, 2018
Women’s Building Gym A, 2:00-4:00 pm

OrangeAbility will be a day full of inclusive and adaptive sports, such as wheelchair rugby and basketball, powerchair soccer! Engage with local teams on the court, as well as organizations in our expo area. Bring your friends, family, kids, and colleagues!

Featuring… WNY Wreckers, CNY United, and MoveAlong!

Free and open to the public!
Bring yourself and your squad!

American Sign Language (ASL) Provided. For accommodation requests, visit orangeability.syr.edu.

Come learn from professional disabled athletes and try out the sports equipment!


 For: Volunteer and Accommodation Sign up Here * Directions and Parking *

Powered by: The SU Disability Student Union, the SU Disability Cultural Center, the SU Department of Recreation Services, the SU Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee, and Move Along, Inc.



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OrangeAbility 2018 Schedule

Download (PDF, 80KB)

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OrangeAbility 2018 Schedule
***Subject to Change!***
2:00 pm – Event Starts
2:15 pm – Welcome
2:30 pm – Invited athletes introduce themselves, their sport, demonstration?
–        WNY Wreckers (Front portion of gym; right side)
–        CNY United (back portion of gym)
–        MoveAlong (Front portion of gym; left side)
3:10 pm – Attendees are able to interact with the athletes/sports equipment
4:00 pm – Event Ends

*All flyer info is presented above in plain text for the best accessibility possible. Instead of emailing our flyer, please forward our website link to your friends and colleagues so that OrangeAbility is presented in the best way possible for users of assistive technology.*