Info for Volunteers

Volunteers welcome!

Thank you for volunteering with us or considering doing so! OrangeAbility is an amazing event that brings together the SU community and the City of Syracuse in an exciting way that would not be possible without the hard work of spirited volunteers!

Please note that we are asking volunteers to confirm some details with us via Google form.

Please fill out this form to volunteer!

If you need an alternative format of the volunteer sign-up form, please email us at

We welcome volunteers at all stages of the event on October 7 in the Women’s Building!

Volunteer Duties and Procedures

Volunteering is an interactive process with us, and we want to make sure that volunteers have just as much fun as guests! This means that even if you are assigned a duty during your service time, we will work with you to get you involved and enjoy the activities as well! There will be plenty of time to enjoy the festivities.

Pre-Event (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm)

  • Set-up and move in of equipment
  • Tables and Signage
  • Setting up food and water
  • Assisting tablers’ move-in
  • Technology setup and support
  • Administrative/volunteer table assistance

During Event (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm)

  • Guest sign-in and ushering
  • Equipment and event management (helping to make sure everyone gets a turn and stays safe)
  • Time and scorekeeping assistance
  • Cleanliness and snack/water table
  • Administrative/volunteer table assistance

After Event (5:00 pm – 6:00 pm)

  • General clean-up and break down

Timing and Parking

Timing for volunteer duties is outlined above. 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm makes for a long day, so we expect most folks to only carve out some of their day to helping at OA ’18!

During the sign-in process we asked about your availability between 2-4pm, but we need considerable help before and after the event as well! There are lots of parts to put together to make this event possible. If you or your group is available before or after for opening and closing volunteering, please write to us at to give us an estimate of when to expect you during the day of the event. We will accommodate any schedule during the 1:00 pm-5:00 pm total event timeline above, and thank you, again, for your assistance!

Parking is available on-site to all guests, tables, and volunteers. However, this year there are many things happening on campus the day of the event. Accessible parking will be available at the building and remaining spots will be first-come-first-serve. Street parking will also be available.

Visit our parking and directions page for details.

We ask that if you are participating with a group, you carpool as much as possible. Further, if you are a point-person for a group, please write to us at with a car-count before Friday, 2/16 at 9am. Please provide driver names with car count if possible.


We understand that some volunteers would like their hours verified by signature. Some clubs, Greek organizations, classes, etc. have volunteer requirements–and we are more than happy to help you achieve your goals in this way!

We can sign your form, or provide you with a hardcopy letter on the day of the event. All volunteers will sign in when they arrive at OA, and we ask that all volunteers who ask for verification must sign in and sign out.