Info for Expo Tablers and Teams

Welcome businesses and organizations!

We’ve compiled information on this page to answer questions about our event to help you make the best connections with us and the greater SU community.

We thank you for registering with us online through our google sign-up, but we would also like to follow-up with further logistics info so that we can make this event better for everyone! Kindly use the instructions at the bottom of this page to provide the listed info to us ASAP


We welcome for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, organizations, and teams to network with us. Come play and show off what you do with the community!

As an affiliate of Syracuse University we must be careful about the ways we facilitate interactions, and currently, CANNOT allow sales or solicitations at our expo at this time.

  • Buying, selling, or arranging for the sale of goods or services is not allowed
  • Networking, sharing information, and making connections is encouraged!


Any formal organization or entity should carry basic liability insurance. If attending OrangeAbility can be considered part of your organization’s operations, you are an organized community team playing, or are setting up information about your organization at a table, and you are not part of SU, please send a copy of proof of your insurance to to file with Syracuse University for the purposes of the event you are attending.

Proof typically looks like a 1-page document that your insurance provider can send you usually with a few days notice.

Expo tablers and teams who cannot provide this will be asked to leave, unfortunately.

Please contact with any questions!

Who needs to provide proof of insurance?

  • Any non-SU organization bringing items and/or equipment to share with the public

Who does not need to provide proof of insurance?

  • SU people and offices
  • Families
  • Volunteers
  • Groups of friends or colleagues who are coming as guests, to play informally


Please confirm the following details with us before the event via email. One representative from your group may do this to make the process easier for all and to ensure accuracy. In the email please identify your group name/affiliation. Please use the link below or type this in the body of your email to: 1. Names of your group members. 2. When you/your group-members plan to volunteer between 10:30-5:00 on April 2nd 3. How many parking spaces you think you/your group will need if greater than 1. 4. Only do this if you fit the criteria above! A copy of your Proof of Liability Insurance certificate from your insurer. You may reference “Syracuse University, Skytop Road”.

Please follow this link to sign up your team or organization.